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Cashhat offers exposure for your brand, product or service. Our sweepstakes draws many users who browse the supporting advertisers. Whether you want to display your logo or seek click-through traffic from our visitors, Cashhat offers a low-cost method to reach a wide audience. Join our satisfied partners as we grow into the most popular cash giveaway on the web.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP     Ad space is $0.50 per pixel per year.

Steps :
1.   Sign up. Create your account.
2.   Select Pixels. Submit Payment. Upload link and image.
3.   Your advertisement will soon appear as part of the cashhat page.
Email any questions to info at

SPECIAL OFFER -   Buy 4 or more blocks, and receive extra promotion of your business. This includes a Cashhat Drawing "Brought to you by [Your Business]", and a headline banner during your sponsored drawing.